Japanese-style room with a traditional feel
Guest house, IRIEYADO has Japanese-style room in guest room
At IRIEYADO, which supports Shirahama's enjoyable trips, we offer Japanese-style rooms with a traditional residential atmosphere. The well-appointed rooms are perfect for healing tired bodies and offer relaxing moments on trips, so please consult us when traveling.

We offer Japanese and Western-style rooms with a good atmosphere.


Guest House IRIEYADO, with a pleasant atmosphere in Shirahama, offers Japanese and Western-style rooms that are beautifully decorated to make your stay a relaxing one. Not only Japanese people but also people of various nationalities come and sometimes spend time enjoying communication. The cafe bar located on the first floor is a stylish space, so you can enjoy it when you are dating, so please feel free to visit couples.

Not only Western-style rooms but also Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats are available.


People from various countries are communicating

Open at stylish guesthouses in Shirahama, IRIEYADO a global, easy-to-use venue where visitors from overseas as well as Japanese ones can easily use it. There is a cafe bar and a souvenir shop on the ground floor, and it is recommended to buy souvenirs that are most suitable for your travel memories, and to relax with coffee. There is also an affordable guest house on the 2nd floor, modern Western rooms and classic Japanese rooms, which are popular among people of all nationalities, regardless of gender or age. The attraction of Irie hotel is not only its cozy interior, but also its attractions in the surrounding area, such as Shirahama, which has a tie-up with Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, and Adventure World, which has many popular animals such as pandas and dolphins. There are many places that are perfect for We offer a wide range of services to provide our guests with a cozy space away from their everyday life, so please make sure to visit us when traveling.


We offer freshness and new encounters for your trip

A popular guesthouse in Shirahama, IRIEYADO is conveniently located a 3-minute drive from JR Shirahama Station, and there are many attractions in the surrounding area where you can enjoy various activities. For example, Shirarahama, with its white sandy beach, offers snorkeling with a view of the clear blue ocean, while Adventure World, which includes popular animals such as pandas and dolphins, allows you to return to your child's mind and enjoy your vacation. Not to mention the tourist spots around them, Iriejuku also focuses on interior decoration, and the café bar on the first floor offers a relaxing space. The rooms on the second floor offer stylish Japanese-style and Western-style rooms. Customers are not limited to those in Japan, but many from overseas, and enjoy unique global exchanges that transcend nationality, gender, age, etc. We will help you make the most of your trip with freshness and new encounters, and make you more enjoyable and comfortable, so please contact us if you are looking for a safe guesthouse.


IRIEYADO is a guest house operating in Nanki-Shirahama

Guest house IRIEYADO popular in Shirahama is very popular if you can thoroughly enjoy the resort of Nanki Shirahama. You can forget about your usual busy daily life and relax, so please come.
Guest house IRIEYADO写真
店舗名 Guest house IRIEYADO
住所 〒649-2201
Katata 2399-474,Shirahama-cho,Nishimuro-gun,Wakayama-ken,Japan
電話番号 0739-33-7393
営業時間 Check-In 16:00〜22:00 
Check-out 10:00〜
Cafe Time 14:00〜18:00
Bar Time 18:00〜23:00
最寄駅 JR Shirahama Sta
0739-33-7393 0739-33-7393
Check-In 16:00〜22:00 
Check-out 10:00〜
Cafe Time 14:00〜18:00
Bar Time 18:00〜23:00
Katata 2399-474,Shirahama-cho,Nishimuro-gun,Wakayama-ken,Japan