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Shirahama no IRIEYADO hotel is a guest house where you can stay at a safe price
At IRIEYADO, which operates a guest house in Shirahama, we offer Japanese and Western-style rooms with ample space. We offer affordable accommodation plans that make it easy to stay, so please consider when traveling in Shirahama.

It is a guest house of a safe price


Guest house IRIEYADO,  recommended in Shirahama has accommodation plan with reliable price so that any customer can use casually. The guest room prepares classic Japanese-style room and Western-style room with a modern atmosphere, and puts emphasis on stylish interior construction individually. Customers of various genders, nationalities and ages are intermingled and communication is fun, so please feel free to contact us if you are thinking of traveling.

Various guests interact in the guest house


We help you to make your Shirahama trip better

Guest House IRIEYADO offers cozy accommodation facilities to help you enjoy your trip at Nanki Shirahama Resort, helping you to have a comfortable time. The hotel's rooms are modern, stylish Western-style rooms and traditional Japanese-style rooms with a beautifully furnished interior that can be healed. Conveniently located just a 3-minute drive from JR Shirahama Station, Iriejuku is close to the area's famous attractions and allows you to enjoy a leisurely break from your tired body at the guest house. As a spot around the world, you can walk around the world heritage site Kumano Kodo, enjoy snorkeling on the nearby beach, and enjoy the extraordinary world away from everyday life. As well as the guest house located on the second floor, we are also focusing on the stylish interior of the cafe bar on the first floor, making sure to create a relaxing space, so please contact us when traveling to Shirahama.


Please enjoy your trip in Shirahama


THE IRIEYADO, which assists travelers in Shirahama, offers a full range of services to make it easier for more customers to forget about their everyday life. The rooms have a particular emphasis on creating a stylish space, and you can choose from modernly furnished Western rooms and Japanese rooms with classic tatami flooring. There is also a souvenir corner and a café-bar on the ground floor, where you can buy local products as a travel reminder or unwind with a cup of coffee at the café-bar. Not only the stylish space inside the guest house, but also the tourist attractions in the surrounding area are one of the attractions, such as Shirahama beach where you can snorkel while watching the white sand beach and blue sea, and the popular zoo and adventure world etc. You can enjoy Nanki Shirahama Resort. At Shirahama Irie hotel, we are committed to creating an interior that is relaxing for children and adults, and we help them add an accent to the trip, so please contact us when traveling.


IRIEYADO is a guest house operating in Nanki-Shirahama

Guest house IRIEYADO popular in Shirahama is very popular if you can thoroughly enjoy the resort of Nanki Shirahama. You can forget about your usual busy daily life and relax, so please come.
Guest house IRIEYADO写真
店舗名 Guest house IRIEYADO
住所 〒649-2201
Katata 2399-474,Shirahama-cho,Nishimuro-gun,Wakayama-ken,Japan
電話番号 0739-33-7393
営業時間 Check-In 16:00〜22:00 
Check-out 10:00〜
Cafe Time 14:00〜18:00
Bar Time 18:00〜23:00
最寄駅 JR Shirahama Sta
Please feel free to contact us
0739-33-7393 0739-33-7393
Check-In 16:00〜22:00 
Check-out 10:00〜
Cafe Time 14:00〜18:00
Bar Time 18:00〜23:00
Katata 2399-474,Shirahama-cho,Nishimuro-gun,Wakayama-ken,Japan

IRIEYADO @Nanki Shirahama

Guest house IRIEYADO, running a private residence in Shirahama, has a cozy and clean room so that you can rest your body and enjoy a restful day. In order to meet the wide range of needs of our customers, we have a classic and stylish Western-style room and a Japanese-style room with a traditional smell, and all rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi. Not only the guest house located on the second floor, but also the souvenir shop and cafe bar on the first floor, you can interact with customers while drinking coffee and purchase souvenirs as memories of your trip. Also, Irie hotel is built in a location ideal for travel, close to many famous tourist spots in Shirahama, and you can also enjoy a walk tour on the World Heritage Site Kumano Kodo and scuba diving on Shirahama beach. As we aim at accommodation that is released from everyday life, we can enjoy overseas drama or movie to watch on screen of big screen at night, so please use it if you are looking for a stress-free travel .


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