There are also stylish cafes and bars, so please use them.

There are also stylish cafes and bars, so please use them.

IRIEYADO has a classic but modern café bar, so it's very popular with guests who want to enjoy something delicious in the guest house. The coffee shop that has been loved by the locals for over 35 years is the predecessor, so there is a certain technology. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the guest house and also enjoy delicious liquor and coffee, please come by all means.

You can also unwind at the attached cafe

Guest house, IRIEYADO of Shirahama-cho performs various services to offer visitor encounter and relaxation. One of these services is the on-site cafe bar where you can enjoy a delicious drink of your choice, so that you can re-energize after a long trip or a busy day. As it is open as a cafe during the early hours, you can have a pleasant time in the spacious cafe and interact with people you meet at the guest house. In the late hours, turn into a bar, enjoy alcohol, and let the flower blossom and talk more. The cafes and bars attached to Irie hotel are the forerunners of long-established coffee shops that have been loved by the locals for over 35 years, so they offer drinks with a great deal of attention. , We have received very popular with the guests of the hotel. If you want to stay at the guest house but also want to enjoy the delicious things, come by all means.


IRIEYADO is a guest house operating in Nanki-Shirahama

Guest house IRIEYADO popular in Shirahama is very popular if you can thoroughly enjoy the resort of Nanki Shirahama. You can forget about your usual busy daily life and relax, so please come.
Guest house IRIEYADO写真
店舗名 Guest house IRIEYADO
住所 〒649-2201
Katata 2399-474,Shirahama-cho,Nishimuro-gun,Wakayama-ken,Japan
電話番号 0739-33-7393
営業時間 Check-In 16:00〜22:00 
Check-out 10:00〜
Cafe Time 14:00〜18:00
Bar Time 18:00〜23:00
最寄駅 JR Shirahama Sta

We also offer a fun English conversation class

IRIEYADO, a guest house in the Nanki Shirahama area, regularly holds English conversation classes with English speaking instructors from Hawaii, and has been well received by many customers. The lobby, equipped with a large number of sofas and tables, is ideal for hosting a variety of projects so that guests staying in one room can gather and communicate. At Irie hotel, we have plans for events that can be enjoyed by adults and children, including English conversation classes, workshops with accessories, etc. from time to time. Even if you are thinking of staying in a row for enjoying the Nanki Shirahama area, we hope that you will not get bored, so please come by.