IRIEYADO offers a number of stylishly furnished rooms, so you can make a reservation according to your taste. Please feel free to contact us for more details as some rooms are away.


The guest house style, which is popular among the world, is characterized by active communication between customers. There are a lot of sofas and tables in the lobby of the guest house, so you can talk and eat with guests from other countries. In addition, by planning various events such as English conversation class in Irie hotel, it has been well received that customers of consecutive nights will not get bored. If you would like to communicate with people from all over the world in a totally different style of accommodation than a typical hotel, please consider.


IRIEYADO is a guest house operating in Nanki-Shirahama

Guest house IRIEYADO popular in Shirahama is very popular if you can thoroughly enjoy the resort of Nanki Shirahama. You can forget about your usual busy daily life and relax, so please come.
店舗名 Guest house IRIEYADO

〒649-2201 Katata 2399-474,Shirahama-cho,Nishimuro-gun,Wakayama-ken,Japan



営業時間 Check-In 16:00〜22:00 
Check-out 10:00〜
Cafe Time 14:00〜18:00
Bar Time 18:00〜23:00
最寄駅 JR Shirahama Sta

We publish access information to IRIEYADO

The guest house IRIEYADO, which attracts attention from the local area, is located near the resort area of ​​Nankishirahama, which is famous for being one of the top tourist destinations in Japan. Among the guests staying there are many who do scuba diving in the beautiful waters of Nank-Shirahama or enjoying snorkeling, there is also a strong exchange between people who want to enjoy leisure time aggressively.
There are also people who would like to spend a relaxing time as a resort, so Irie hotel is trying to make it even more enjoyable within the guest house, with the addition of a cafe bar and the provision of a projector. Shirahama Onsen, which is one of the most historical hot springs in Japan, is also nearby, so if you want to enjoy Wakayama, please take a look at the access information and consider the accommodation plan.